Our visa and immigration system helps you set up your business here with ease and efficiency. From 30-day visa-free entry to work visas for foreign nationals, we cover all the bases.


Most nationalities can enter the Philippines visa-free for 30 days – ideal for business trips to meet potential partners and to investigate opportunities.


We make it easy for you and your team to establish yourselves in the country while you set up your business. You can apply for the following visas:

  • Alien Employment Permit: This allows you to work in the Philippines while you are waiting for a work or resident visa.
  • Special Investor Resident Visa: This grants indefinite stay in the country for as long as your company is registered in the Philippines.

Your business in the Philippines will have access to a talented local workforce. However, we also recognise the need to employ foreign nationals with the skills, qualifications and experience that are specific to your business. Several types of employment visas are available:

  • Pre-arranged employment visa: This allows businesses to employ foreign nationals with skills and qualifications that may be in short supply in the country.
  • Special non-immigrant visa: With this you can sponsor foreign nationals to work specifically for your company and fill key positions.

There is a range of companies that can assist you through the process of obtaining visas, and accredited lawyers are on hand to provide support. You can find accredited law offices in the Philippines through the

Bureau of Immigration


Here in the Philippines you can enjoy an amazing quality of life. At the heart of Southeast Asia, our islands offer breath-taking diversity: from cosmopolitan cities to idyllic beaches to tropical rainforests.

Our people add to the charm of the nation, which is why companies from all over the world are establishing a base here. With numerous top-class international schools, we can provide your family with the highest standard of education in the Philippines.

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