Garment and Footwear

Research and Development

Production is just one of the ways that this sector will thrive. Through government commitment to research in design and innovation, the Philippines is ready to take advantage of new developments within the textiles industry.

Sustainable natural resource

With an abundance of natural resources, the Philippines is one of the world’s largest producers of Abaca, the strongest natural fiber. Access to resources such as this is unparalleled within the region.

Cutting-edge designs

With an ever pressing need to create sustainable clothing, we have mastered the art of creating cutting-edge designs that are both high quality and high performing, using smart materials such as Piñatex.


A tried-and-tested industry. The availability of ready-to-use factories within economic zones allows for the easy establishment of any textile company within the Philippines.

Key Statistics


Companies dedicated to textile manufacturing and design


Strong workforce


Exports annually


Worth of shoe sales


Since the 1950s, the Philippines’ Garment and Footwear industry has been meeting both domestic and international demands. With a large consumer base and a growing middle-class with increasing purchasing power, we are the ideal place for your business.

Our prime location within a special economic zone offers ready to use business locations with attractive incentives including:

  • Multi-year income tax holidays
  • Reduced tax rate on gross income
  • 0% Duty on imports of equipment
  • Tax credit on imports of raw materials and supplies
  • Zero added tax for exports

Government Services:

  • Support for the workforce through government funded courses and skills training
  • Development of sector specific research into sustainable materials

As one of the world’s largest producers of Abaca, we are strategically positioned to produce high-performing products with easy access to indigenous materials. We are ready to make it happen.

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