Global value chain

Our strategic location in the Asia-Pacific free-trade zone makes the Philippines fundamental to the global value chain of the world’s largest manufacturing companies, involved in the food processing and drink industry, supplying high quality raw materials from our country’s vast natural resources onto their production

Established exports

We promote, protect and modernize the Agribusiness sector, by establishing a strong relationship between our manufacturers and local farmers. We produce export quality agri-fishery based products such as processed food, fresh fruits, and natural fiber-based products to compete in the global market.

Industry developments

We provide support to improve agricultural and fishery productivity, enhance processing and packaging technologies, and assist the industry with export promotions all for Agribusiness development.

Key Statistics


Annual total exports


Annual increase in agricultural production


Workers employed under the industry


Businesses operating within the industry

Agribusiness Industry Overview

Agricultural and fisheries production remains a stable industry in the Philippines, which represents 19% of the country’s GDP. The industry is the 46th largest exporter of agriculture and fish products in the world and is an established global producer in exporting mangoes, pineapples, bananas, cocoa-based products, carrageenan, and tuna.

Our prime location within an economic zone, offers ready to use business locations with attractive incentives including:

  • Multi-year income tax holidays
  • Reduced tax rate on gross income
  • 0% duty on imports of equipment
  • Tax credit on imports of raw materials and supplies
  • Zero added tax for exports

Major active players already in the Philippines include:

  • Del Monte
  • Dole
  • DuPoint
  • Cargill and Charoen Pokphand

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