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Investors in the industry can expect support from the Philippine Die and Mold Association. With more than 25 years’ experience, the PDMA also represents Philippine interests within the Federation of Asian Die and Mold Association.


Our skilled workforce is cost-competitive across ASEAN – without compromising on quality and delivery time.

Center of Excellence

Our Die and Mold Solution Centre in Taguig City is dedicated to building capability in the tool and die industry. A significant public-private partnership, the center fosters the development of a skilled workforce to meet demand from automotive, electronics, and heavy manufacturing businesses.

Key Statistics


Average growth rate of the industry


Firms in the Tool and Die Industry

Tool and Die Industry Overview

The economy of the Philippines is growing – and shows no sign of slowing down. With the country poised to become a significant manufacturing hub in ASEAN, the Philippines is an increasingly attractive destination for foreign investment. While industries like Automotive, Aerospace, and Electronics may be higher profile, the growth of these sectors will herald real opportunities in the Tool and Die industry.

The Tool and Die industry uses general and specialized metal cutting technology to fabricate dies, molds and tooling to convert raw materials into a desired shape. Our post-cutting facilities are served by vacuum heat treatment and physical vapor deposition facilities to key sectors like Automotive and Electronics, who need a reliable and cost-efficient source of production inputs.

The strong base of SME metalworking companies in the Philippines makes the rapid mass production of durable products possible.

Despite the presence of local manufacturers, there is still a significant amount of imported tool and die products making their way into the country – indicating that local supply remains insufficient to cover domestic demand.

With a talented pool of engineering graduates, strong public-private partnerships, and a commitment to accelerated development of the industry, there’s never been a better time to make it happen in the Philippines.

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