We export more than US$780 million in aerospace parts and components annually – an 8% year on year increase. Our biggest export markets are the USA and France.


Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing region in the industry. We are right at the heart of it. Take advantage of our unrivalled strategic location as an MRO hub. Major cities in the region are less than five hours away.


Our large population and high levels of education provide an excellent base to help grow your business. Aviation skills training is comprehensive – from aircraft maintenance to aeronautical engineering and commercial pilot training.

Key Statistics


Value of aerospace parts exports


Projected value of aerospace exports by 2022


Increase in air passenger traffic in recent years

100 million

Projected number of inbound and domestic tourists by 2022


The aerospace industry in the Philippines is ready for take-off. We have grown organically and quietly built an impressive presence in the sector. Established and dependable Tier 1 suppliers to the world’s largest aerospace manufacturers are already operating and succeeding here.

Aerospace manufacturing capabilities include:

  • flight controls and actuation systems
  • Interiors, lavatories, galleys
  • Product design engineering

Collins Aerospace (USA) and Moog Controls (USA) are examples of foreign Tier 1 suppliers based in the Philippines.

The commercial sector potential in Asia-Pacific is huge: more air traffic means maintenance services and new aircraft deliveries are increasingly in demand. Our existing supply chain has the capacity and capability to meet diverse industry requirements, from low-cost airlines to national flag carriers.

Growing strength in maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). Our capabilities include:

  • line and base maintenance
  • fleet management
  • cabin reconfiguration

Lufthansa Technik (Germany) and SIA Engineering (Singapore) are examples of foreign Tier 1 suppliers based in the Philippines.

Our MRO offer is growing too. Major international carriers are choosing to have their fleets serviced in the Philippines. We import nearly US$3 billion of aircraft and parts annually so there is an opportunity for companies to cater for this rising demand.

Our government is committed to seeing this industry develop. Cross-government initiatives to increase the number of routes, develop airport infrastructure and modernise the armed forces, are underway.

Our goal is to become a state-of-the-art hub for aerospace manufacturing and maintenance in Asia-Pacific. We are ready to make it happen.

Lufthansa Technik

Lufthansa Technik is a world-leading provider of aircraft maintenance, repair, overhaul and modification services. The strategic location of the Philippines, coupled with a highly educated workforce with strong english proficiency, were key factors in Lufthansa Technik’s decision to invest here.

The company first established a base in the Philippines in 2000, and now employs 3,300 people, with a turnover of US$270 million. A range of attractive fiscal and non-fiscal incentives have enabled Lufthansa Technik to grow its business. It is now looking to expand by investing in a new hangar, which will increase its production capacity and bring 275 new jobs to the Philippines.

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