Animation and Gaming


  • Encompassing areas such as animation and design for gaming and film production, the creative sector in the Philippines is dynamic and ever evolving.
  • The sector is supported by a talented pool of creatives from some of the most prestigious institutes in the Philippines.
  • True enough, the Philippines has nurtured a large pool of creatives who have the skills to work in areas such as video game design, graphic design and animation and post production editing.
  • The Philippines has the potential to become one of the leading creative service providers in the ASEAN through new government initiatives to establish creative agencies. Evidently, the industry has strong foundations and global players, such as Ubisoft, that are already present since 2016 with a AAA game studio.

PH Gaming and Animation Industry in a Nutshell

The Philippines is well established as part of the global creative industry. Notably strong in the animation and production industry, the country is capable to replicate this success by producing more groundbreaking digital designs.


Major industry players have already taken advantage of our award winning studios and talented pool of creatives. We have worked with key clients such as Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, DreamWorks, and Nintendo which are all receiving the most of the generous fiscal incentives, creative facilities, and our work force of digital natives.

Key Statistics




Animation industry revenue (2020)


Game development industry revenue (2020)


Major animation studios operating within Metro Manila



The country’s creative industry provides the opportunity to develop and manufacture a range of products, encompassing game design, animation and graphic design.

Award-winning studios

The Philippines is home to the Emmy Award winning Toon city, an animation centre producing the best in animated TV series for clients such as Walt Disney, Warner Bros, and Universal pictures.

Gaming center of excellence

The Philippines benefits from being home to some of the world’s major players in the gaming industry such as Ubisoft, running AAA gaming studios and utilizing the talented and skilled local workforce at a competitive cost.

Known and trusted companies

Filipino animators have a reputation for producing outstanding content that is watched worldwide. Toei Animation outsources 60% of its animation work to the Philippines subsidiary, producing well known animations such as Sailor Moon.


The prime location within an economic zone offers ready-to-use business locations with attractive incentives including:

  • Multi-year income tax holidays
  • Reduced tax rate on gross income
  • 0% duty on import of equipment
  • Tax credit on imports of raw materials and supplies
  • Zero added tax for reports

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