Established industry

The Footwear industry has been one of the gems of the Philippines’ manufacturing sector for decades, with well-established links to companies such as Keds and Sperry.

Skilled people

We have a large workforce of homegrown talent. Our skilled artisans have developed expertise in making a variety of shoes, from sportswear to leather-based shoes.


Our government is committed to the resurgence of this industry. Government-backed development and training initiatives are in place to ensure the Footwear industry continues its upward trajectory.

Key Statistics


Average industry value


Expected annual growth


Strong workforce


Worth of shoe sales


The Footwear industry in the Philippines is ready to meet consumer demand. With a whole community dedicated to Footwear manufacturing and a workforce teeming with skilled artisans, it is no wonder why the Footwear industry is poised for success.

The ASEAN region has the world’s fastest-growing consumer market, with retail growth booming year on year. Our Footwear industry has the practical skills and potential to feed this growth, through our many footwear factories all over the country.

Marikina City is the shoe capital of the Philippines and the biggest manufacturer of quality shoes in the Philippines. It is home to over two hundred Footwear factories servicing well-known brands such as Sperry. We are ready to become the footwear hub of Asia.

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