Our automotive industry is already integrated with the major global value chains – companies like Denso, Fujitsu, Continental and Yazaki already know we help make it happen.


Investors in our automotive sector will benefit from the strength of our allied industries. From dies and moulds to our world leading IT-BPM sector, we can respond quickly to changes in this fast-moving market.


An extensive legislative and policy framework is already in place to support the development of the automotive industry. Major transport and infrastructure projects will increase the demand for cars domestically. Through specific invectives, we also provide output or performance-based fiscal support for automotive companies with a focus on the development of the electric vehicle industry.

Key Statistics


Annual automotive parts exports value


People employed in the automotive industry


Cars sold annually


Foundries in supplying automotive manufacturers


We have an established automotive industry at the heart of our manufacturing ecosystem, this provides a solid foundation for rapid expansion. Working closely with the government to promote and expand growth in the Philippines, automotive companies are ready to play a key role in the global value chain. Our skilled and experienced parts manufacturers are poised to partner with ambitious investors in assembly. Major multinational automotive companies are already capitalizing on the opportunities that exist here – and we want to do more.

Major assemblers based in the Philippines include:

  • Toyota
  • Mitsubishi
  • Honda
  • Denso
  • KTM
  • Scania
  • Volvo

Major parts manufacturers include:

  • Yazaki Torres
  • International Wiring Systems
  • Asian Transmission Corp

We have access to key markets and are ready to become an automotive hub in Asia-Pacific. As our population grows and average incomes rise, domestic demand for cars and motorcycles is set to soar.

Our metal-casting industry is ready to meet the demand for new materials. Aluminium-lithium alloys are now the first choice for aerospace. The manufacture of aluminium and magnesium alloys will meet the demand for lightweight automotive parts and components. Investors can depend on our delivery.

Creating a future-ready automotive sector is our goal. Industry and government are working together to create the ideal conditions for investment. From innovation on electric vehicles to improving public transport by modernising our famous fleet of jeepneys, the Philippines is making it happen.


Car giant Mitsubishi Motors has been operating in the Philippines for over 50 years. They credit the strategic location of the Philippines for their ability to reach the burgeoning ASEAN market and consider it an ideal location for importation and exportation of goods.

The dedication that the government has shown to promote growth in the automotive market has resulted in Mitsubishi reporting a sustained growth for over 5 decades. Mitsubishi’s CEO encourages others in the industry to take advantage of the attractive business opportunities available in the Philippines.

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