Integration and innovation

It’s not just about production. From sourcing raw materials, to marketing, and the growing influence of analytics and automation, investors in the Philippines’ Chemical industry has the opportunity to transform the nation’s basic resources into higher value products.


Demand for environmentally-friendly products and non-toxic chemicals is soaring. There is huge potential for the Philippines as a production and investment location to lead the development of coconut-based chemicals and other oleochemical products.

Industry and Government cooperation

Regulatory reform, investment in research and development, and a roadmap for sustainable growth have given the chemical industry in the Philippines the platform to grow and attract foreign investment.

Key Statistics


Value of chemical exports annually


Workers directly employed in the chemicals industry


Manufacturers already in the Philippines


Nationally-registered chemicals and chemical substances

Chemicals overview

Multinational chemical companies like Dow Chemical, DuPont, Air Liquide, and Linde are already making it happen in the Philippines. There is a real opportunity: as a production and investment location for green chemicals globally, we are in a prime position. The industry is transforming our country’s abundant natural resources in a cost-effective way. There is a wide range of high quality and environmentally-friendly products being created to meet growing domestic and international demand.

Investors will encounter an industry that is ready to accelerate further. As a cornerstone sector in one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies, we have a sizable workforce and you can expect to benefit from strong collaboration between the industry and the government. Initiatives dedicated to developing talent, advancing R&D, and creating opportunities for chemical firms within emerging manufacturing sectors are a sign of our ambition.

The Philippine government is committed to industry development with initiatives dedicated to:

  • Talent development
  • Innovation
  • Environmental sustainability

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