With 13% of the global IT-BPM sector outsourced, we’ve been a cost-competitive destination for major multinationals for the last two decades.


In the Philippines, we are all about acceleration: strengthening existing capability, leveraging advances in technology and ensuring a future-ready workforce.


The English-language skills and dedication of the workforce are the foundation of our IT-BPM industry. The same pool of talented professionals is ready to adapt and take on responsibility in higher-value services like finance, healthcare, education, IT support, graphic design, gaming and app development.

Key Statistics


In voice-based and #2 in non-voice-based business and process management (BPM) globally


In the top 50 digital nations


People directly and indirectly employed in the industry


Annual industry revenue


With a 13% share of the global market, the Philippines is the number one destination for IT-BPM. We have the edge when it comes to voice-related services. Accenture, Convergys, and JP Morgan Chase & Co. are among the companies that trust us with their business.

Based on the reputation and the success of our already established IT-BPM industry, the sector has kept evolving and is now attracting sub-sectors such as health information management services, finance and accounting, and creative services such as gaming and mobile application development. These industries are the fastest growing in the country. What sets us apart is quality, agility and creativity – and our workforce of digital natives is restless to take on more.


Founded in 2016 HYBrain is a dynamic software company based in the Philippines. They specialise in augmenting healthcare systems and creating unique and cutting edge methods of bridging the gap of service in healthcare.

Since establishing their base in the Philippines, HYBrain has seen year on year growth and credits the appealing business environment in the Philippines for providing them with multiple opportunities to expand. The diverse network of partners in the IT-BPM sector has given HYBrain access to clients in various business sectors.

As the world’s tech sector continues to grow, companies such as HYBrain have found the Philippines to be an ideal investment location to ensure that they are at the forefront of this growth.

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