The Philippines is home to a talented pool of workers and investors benefit from business-friendly employment laws.

More than 60% of the population is of working age, providing a robust workforce determined to shape Asia’s future.

Our government is committed to honing this talented workforce. Through a range of research and development opportunities, we are upskilling our workers and nurturing talent from our renowned universities, which consistently rank amongst the top five in Southeast Asia.

Access talent

We continue to nurture our human potential. The Philippines has risen in the global talent rankings. Our workforce is full of graduates leading universities, excelling in areas ranging from engineering, sciences and technology to the arts.

Our people are skilled, creative and hardworking, and, with English as one of the official languages, communication is easy. Our talented and resilient workforce is eager to help you expand your business and, whatever your sector, you can depend on our people to help you make it happen in the Philippines.

Labor-friendly laws and our high-achieving workforce enable us to maintain an employment rate of 95%.

Employment costs

As one of ASEAN’s fastest growing economies, we provide investors with the ideal combination: competitive labor rates paired with high productivity.

We value our workers here in the Philippines. All employees are entitled to a minimum wage, 13-month pay and overtime. We do this to make sure workers are fairly rewarded. We want to ensure that all our workers have access to welfare and healthcare, and as such all employers pay a social rate tax.

While labor costs are low, the government has put in place a mandatory minimum wage which varies per region. It is set between US$5-10 a day. Employees earning less than US$5,000 a year are exempt from income tax.

Businesses planning to hire employees have to register with the government and ensure that their payroll is compliant with employment and national health insurance legislation.

We can issue special visas for overseas workers, and there are procedures in place that allow you to bring your talent to the Philippines with ease.

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