Our people deliver: we provide the high standards of quality and productivity at competitive costs that this global industry demands.


Proven capability in the semiconductor sector means we are ideally positioned to take advantage of shifting market dynamics and changing consumer demands.


Generous fiscal incentives support capital investment and the sourcing of raw materials, while proven export markets from a base in the Philippines are already part of multinational companies’ value chains.


The Philippine government is investing in research and development to help the industry grow. The focus is on the following products and technologies: autonomous vehicle batteries, IC (integrated circuit) design, 3D printing, sensors, and SMART wearables.

Key Statistics


Total exports from the Philippines annually


Total value of the industry

3.2 million

People employed in the industry


Active semiconductor and electronics companies


The Philippines is an indispensable part of the electronics global value chain and is a centre of excellence for electronic manufacturing services. Particularly strong in the test, packaging, and assembly of semi-conductors, we have established a dedicated center to support integrated circuit (IC) design. We are ready to become the home of competitive IC design companies serving customers worldwide.

We have the capacity and capability to build on these foundations by taking on more design and development work for cutting-edge products and technologies in healthcare, automotive and aerospace, including autonomous vehicle batteries and SMART wearables.

Major industry players already taking advantage of our deep talent pool and generous incentives include Analog Devices, Texas Instruments and Siemens AG.


Siemens is a global company, focusing on electrification, automation and digitalization, with a presence in 190 countries around the world. It chose to invest in the Philippines due to its consistently growing economy, and the expansion across markets and infrastructure the country has seen in recent years.

Siemens has worked on projects throughout the Philippines, with plans to further expand its business in digitalization across different sectors, including energy, transport, cities, and healthcare.

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