Medical Supplies (Alcohol)

Highly skilled workforce

The Philippines’ chemical industry has employed over 200,000 professionals and over 1,300 highly skilled workers in the Alcohol industry. We are promoting the Medical Supplies (Alcohol) industry as an export base for the international market. The flexibility and resourcefulness of Filipinos are further displayed through government encouragement of repurposing initiatives such as sugar millers, distilleries and breweries who are now able to produce rubbing alcohol.


The Philippine government offers attractive incentives to registered firms, including:

  • 4-8 years Income Tax Holiday
  • Income tax holiday (ITH) Bonus of three years if the firm meets certain conditions, but enterprise may only avail of the ITH for a maximum period of 8 years
  • Tax and duty-free importation of capital equipment
  • Foreign investors may also avail of the exemption from import duties, taxes, and other fees, the importation of raw materials and equipment to locally manufacture COVID-19 critical goods under Bayanihan to Heal as One Act (Bayanihan 2)
  • A strong network of public and private institutions to meet demand requirements, especially for COVID-19 critical goods

Key Statistics


Share of Chemical and chemical products to the total Manufacturing Gross Value Added (GVA)


Compound annual growth rate of alcohol exports in the past five years


Active suppliers of alcohol (both Isopropyl and Ethyl) products


Liter minimum monthly volume requirement of sanitizers supplied as prescribed by the WHO

Medical Supplies (Alcohol) Industry Overview

The Medical Supplies industry has the second largest contribution in Manufacturing, with a value of US$9 billion. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the medical supplies subsector received increased demand from pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, supermarkets, pharmacies, and the general public.

There are over 20 suppliers of alcohol and sanitizers in the Philippines manufacturing brands, such as:

  • Green Cross
  • Hygienix
  • Guardian
  • Doctor J

To address the high levels of demand, breweries have also repurposed some of their existing facilities to produce rubbing alcohol.

The local alcohol industry has been establishing strong trade links within Asia including in India, Japan, Singapore, China, and Taiwan. Wipro (Western India Palm Refined Oil) Enterprises, an Indian multinational company that provides diversified services has recently bought a Filipino personal care company. The sales deal aims to promote access to new resources allowing faster business growth.

With a large population and establishments enforcing strict disinfection protocols upon entry, there continues to be a great demand for rubbing alcohols and hand sanitizers in the country.

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