Infrastructure in the Philippines is developing every year. We have over 70 airports, and an expansive highway system spanning over 32,000 kilometers. We are continuously expanding our infrastructure by building new roads, highways and investing in telecommunications to help your business.


Our telecommunications are one of the most developed in Southeast Asia, offering exceptional systems to businesses.

There are major telecommunications companies operating in the Philippines providing internet mobile phone and landline services across the country. Internet services are advanced, with broadband services available widely. 4G and 4G+ coverage is also available in many regions.


Air Travel

The Philippines enjoys extensive air connectivity to Asia, Europe and the Middle East from the 70 airports located across the country. The Philippines’ main airport offers flights to over 90 destinations and excellent connectivity options. Just hours away from cities such as Hong Kong and Tokyo and Taipei, our airports offer excellent travel options with direct flights to New York, Abu Dhabi, London. Domestic flights are covered by all airports, making travel within simple.


The Philippines is home to over 800 commercial ports servicing a variety of businesses. The Port of Manila is the largest seaport in the Philippines and is the countries international shipping gateway. With ports on every island, the Philippines can handle over 200 million tons of goods. The port of Subic in the north remains one of Southeast Asia’s key export ports, located just over 1,000 kilometres away from China and Taiwan, with an annual handling capacity of 600,000 TEU.

Road network

We have an extensive road network spanning over 32,000 kilometers. As one of Asia’s most advanced road networks, traveling to other parts of the country is safe and efficient. The government commitment to developing infrastructure in the Philippines means that the network is continuously expanding.


With our large range of ports and extensive road network, we make it easy to transport goods within the Philippines and beyond. Shipping and logistics specialists are available to transport your goods globally.



There are 19 large dams in the Philippines providing water access to the majority of the country.


Our energy supply is extensive, so electricity is reliable and widely available in both urban and rural areas.

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