Iron and Steel


The Iron and Steel industry is a critical component to the development of the Philippines. The industry provides the materials that service booming sectors in the Philippines such as the infrastructure construction, power generation, and facilities transportation. Iron and Steel are also utilized by the Appliance and Shipbuilding industries.

Access to Materials

Our large magnetite sands resources make sourcing materials easier. With over 1 billion metric tons of deposits, we have one of the world’s largest and untapped reserves.


Our pool of engineers and workers continues to grow. The dedication to building infrastructure means that we have a workforce skilled in various areas in iron and steel making, with skills developed through our excellent training schemes.

Government spending

The Philippine government has committed to increase public spending for infrastructure and construction. As we approach a golden age of infrastructure, we anticipate that infrastructure construction will contribute greatly to our GDP. Expect to see the launch of new initiatives to support this industry.

Key Statistics


Annual growth


Metric ton deposits


Metric tons of apparent steel consumption annually


Metric tons of iron ore reserves

Iron and Steel Industry Overview

The Iron and Steel industry is a major component in the development of our infrastructure. Iron and steel are used extensively in manufacturing machinery and vehicles, as well as generating power. This makes one of our most diverse industries rich in potential. Our close proximity to other big steel markets only increases the possibilities of your investment.

With over 55,000 employees, our industry and technical experts are highly skilled and ready to work. Investing in the Iron and Steel industry is an investment into the Philippines’ infrastructure, one of the government’s top priorities. There is a huge demand from within the Philippines, but domestic resources are mostly untapped. Manufacturers also have easy access to natural resources (such as Semirara coal, which has a multitude of uses and is ready for extraction.)

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