Strategic Location

The center of the shipbuilding industry is shifting to Asia. Perfectly positioned for international shipping routes, the world’s second-largest archipelago is the ideal home for a shipbuilding and ship repair base.


The Philippines occupies a unique position in the shipbuilding global value chain. There is consistent domestic demand for smaller vessels, including their maintenance and repair, while foreign-owned shipyards build bulk carriers and container ships for the international market.


From the replacement of older RORO (roll-on/roll-off) and cargo ships to the development of intra-island shipping routes and recommissioning of the naval fleet, the Philippines’ shipbuilding and ship repair industry is rich with potential investment opportunities.

Key Statistics


Pool of skilled welders available to the industry


Areas earmarked for new shipyards (Occidental Mindoro, Cagayan Valley and Misamis Oriental)


Largest ship producer in the world

Shipbuilding Industry Overview

With more than 100 million people living on more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines offers a haven for shipbuilding investment as the industry increasingly shifts towards Asia.

Our footprint is already global. Foreign-owned shipyards established in Subic, Batangas, and Cebu export bulk carrier and container ships. Filipino-based companies are also taking on orders when shipyards in neighboring countries are fully booked, contributing to our export growth.

Proven foreign investment and production success stories exist alongside a significant addressable domestic market with long-term potential.

Smaller, domestic shipyards focus on repairs and maintenance and we are ideally positioned for you to take advantage of increasing cost competitiveness in this area.

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