Consumer demand

From refrigerators to televisions, air conditioners to washing machines, buying capacity for domestic appliances in the Philippines is strong. And it is projected to continue to rise in line with disposable income levels.

High potential

When making purchasing decisions, our growing urban middle class will soon demand appliances with larger capacities, cutting-edge features, and the latest technology.

Industry links

Investors in the appliance industry in the Philippines can leverage the strength of the global engineering outsourcing suppliers in our market-leading IT-BPM sector and other support industries, including die and mold for manufacturing and product design.

Key Statistics

840,000 +

Number of electric fans produced annually

550,000 +

Number of refrigerators produced annually

850,000 +

Number of washing machines produced annually

500,000 +

Number of window-type air conditioners produced annually

Appliances Industry Overview

The Philippine economy is one of the most dynamic in Asia-Pacific. Our population is growing. Rising real incomes are set to fuel consumer demand. Right now, most of our premium appliance models are imported from Japan and Korea. As tastes at home change, there is a real opportunity for investors to reshape the market here – with potential to meet both domestic and export demand.

Big names have already made their move. There is a strong Japanese presence in the market with Sharp, Panasonic, and Hitachi. In 2016, Dyson picked the Philippines as the site for its advanced manufacturing centre. Alongside a hub in Singapore, the Dyson base just outside Manila helps meet global demand for their premium machines and serves as their worldwide centre of manufacturing excellence.

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