The Philippines is a key member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), a major global hub of manufacturing and trade. With a consumer market of over 620 million, it is one of the fastest-growing consumer markets in the world. Consumer demand in ASEAN is high and is expected to increase as GDP in the region continues to rise.

Establishing your base in the Philippines provides key access to export and import to and from this market. There are also unique opportunities to benefit from the ASEAN free trade agreements that encourage trade and investment within the region and beyond. 

Free trade agreements: GDP Consumer Market
ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand
Free Trade Area (AANZFTA)
US$285tn 650m
Free Trade Area (ACFTA)
US$12tn 1.4bn
Free Trade Area (AIFTA)
US$286tn 2bn
Free Trade (AKFTA)
US$285tn 670m
Free Trade Area (AJFTA)
US$288tn 750m
European Free Trade
Association (EFTA)
US$1.1tn 14m
Economic Partnership
Agreement (PJEPA)
US$5.2tn 230m
Other agreements: GDP Consumer Market
European Union GSP + Philippines US$18tr 616m
US GSP +Philippines US$19tr 430m

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Special Economic Zones and Incentives

We have packages of incentives to help you reduce your relocation and operating costs and make your products and services more competitive.

If you choose to locate in a special economic or freeport zone, your business will be exempt from paying taxes and tariffs on imported raw materials and manufacturing equipment.

The Philippines makes an excellent export base as there are a number of economic zones with specific export incentives. Companies located within these zones can enjoy special tax rates on modified gross income in lieu of national and local tax.

These economic zones include industrial estates, export processing zones, free trade zones, tourism ecozones, and IT buildings and parks. We are devoted to supporting the export sector and granting export businesses many fiscal incentives.

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