Available Investment Locations and Cost of Doing Business

We offer numerous locations suitable for your business needs.

Our current 416 economic zones include  76 manufacturing ecozones, 298 IT parks and centers, 22 agro-industrial ecozones,17 tourism ecozones, and 3 medical tourism zones that are strategically situated in key areas of the country.

Aside from these economic zones, there are other locations all over the archipelago which are ready to host your investments.

With our government’s Build, Build, Build program expected to be in full swing, connectivity to the rest of the country will make locations in the regions more accessible.

To ensure ease of doing business, we advise our potential foreign partners to refer to the following files to check out the costs of doing business in the Philippines:

  1. For minimum wages & further breakdown of wage (social insurance, compulsory pension, etc.): – Non-agriculture companies – Manufacturing workers, engineers, and managers – Non-manufacturing staff and managers
  2. For electricity costs in and out of the National Capital Region: Please access the Cost of Doing Business (CODB) PDF here
  3. For water consumption rates (dependent on establishment type & location), please refer to this link: http://www.mayniladwater.com.ph/customers-water_tarrif.php
  4. For the exact breakdown of prices of petroleum products in Metro Manila, please refer to this link: https://www.doe.gov.ph/oil-monitor
  5. For more detailed information on Doing Business in the Philippines, please refer to this link.


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